Masonite Door Design Insights with Barbara Gilbert

Dallas-based interior designer Barbara Gilbert thinks the front door is like a book cover to a home’s inside story.  Here are some of her great design tips to achieve a signature look.

Dynamic Builder-Designer Duo’s Tips for Choosing Masonite Doors

Builder-designer couple Wayne and Cherri Atkins combine practicality and imagination in their new homes. They share how doors can combine form, flow and function.

Understanding the Door’s Value Throughout the Channel

Matt Ellis, of DW Distribution, knows a door’s “value story” in a home—its looks, features and brand reputation are meaningful to homeowners. Hear how he tells that story.

Realtor Adds Wow Factor and Resale Value with the Right Doors

Realtor Gerri Walczak says that all realtors should have homeowners zero in on the “wow factor” from the curb, where the door can steal the show…or break the deal!

Chris Miles and Bill Peck

Builder Chris Miles and architect Bill Peck say the sound reduction provided by solid core doors is worth the investment. Here’s how doors can help keep the peace!

The Importance of Curb Appeal

Karl Champley, Master Builder & Ellen Design Challenge Winner, discusses how your landscape and front entrance play a big role in the curb appeal of your home.